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man in red and black outfit air diving

Many of us have our phobias that we wrestle with whenever the situation arises. For Julie, her biggest fear is heights and/or flying and that’s understandable for someone who spends their day interpreting facts and data. To have such clarity of thought...

  • Team Stories
black and white computer keyboard

As is often the case with a mathematical mind, generalisms simply don’t cut the mustard which is why Ian completed a survey to decide if he was a dog or a cat person. The precise answer? He’s 63% a dog person. He currently owns neither cat or dog but...

  • Team Stories

We often look back through rose tinted glasses at the rubber keyed, tablet sized ground-breaking computer that was the ZX Spectrum. But Katchr Senior Dev, John Lindley scoffs, “It was like Watson compared with the ZX81” (its predecessor). Whilst the...

  • Team Stories
photography of people sitting on theater during nighttime

Customer Success Managers are a relatively new feature of technology companies and represent a maturing of the industry from a relatively introspective discipline to one that fully embraces the human side, whether that be the clients or the colleagues....

  • Team Stories

Think CTO of a modern software company and you could be forgiven for conjuring up images of a bespectacled old man in a white lab coat thanks to endless Hollywood megalomaniac stereotypes and whatever fictional, weather disrupting space laser they...

  • Team Stories